Exit Condition One

You awake in a mysterious room. There’s only one obvious exit and it is locked. Can you find your way out?
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Exit Condition One

This is a classic escape room game, built to take full advantage of room scale VR. It works best with a 6’x8′ room, but locomotion and teleport are both supported. There’s enough puzzles for about an hour of playtime.


The puzzles are all tightly interwoven into the room and feel more like problems that need to be solved rather than puzzles that need to be figured out.


The number of puzzles and the play mechanics are more or less final. Some of the game objects are placeholders for final art.


I’ll be making regular updates based on feeback. If you love escape room games, help me make this the best it can be and if it does well I’ll make more!

Available in early access for Oculus Quest 2

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